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Can we research the original truth of ENTREPRENEUR

Posted to: <Ned> Front Porch by chris macrae (22), Sat, 21 Jun 2008 03:47:29 PDT
Edited: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 04:21:07 PDT
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I am gping to start about 5 // parallel conversation openers here and then see if anyone says something. For point of record people who came in early before I had a fair chance to set the whole scene:

*Linda arrived before 1 opener

I believe in diversity of thread forms and freedom of speec. As fas as i know anyone can start a thread at ned as long they are not a hitler aimimg to propagate hatred. Topics that interest me happen to involve liflong action learning. I do not accept that the conversational ping pong style of theread is the only one relevant to that.

Yesterday I started a web . Like many webs of mine it had been a blog for about 5 years. I invite you to go see because it maps exponential evidence (probably beyond reasoing doubt) inter alia that in the west banking and education are entrepreneurially as bust as subprime.

Oddly the purpose of journalists for humanity is to try and have a small impact in turning round the share of vouce that depressing news gets. I would like to propose the journalistic truth -to have the courage to confront what's bust that's where the good news can start being renewed. If journalism is a profession then have no fear in raising mind opening debates might be the appropraite hippocratic oath. Since professions are the last monopolies nobody goes tut tut to -it is I believe vital - to the journalist responsibility at least to system integratin (ie ensuring compound conseqeunces never go off track into the land of inconvenient truth) - to keep questions whether each profession agrees and actions its hippocratic oath.

If journalists hadnt been bullied into you must not alarm audiences with climate crisis until its 100% evident, a lot of exponential destruction could have been saved. New orleans would have spiralled quite the way it did. Oil would not have taken USAhostage to what its international policy became in the white house ruled not for or by the people but for or by what texas spends most on vesting interests in

My family has been involved with media and journalism for many generations. I am interested in the maths of media whereas my dad spent his whole life writing for a living (for The Economist)

There are 3 bits of advice that my dad gives about journalism:

1 It can only be truly done when the writer doesnt have a guru reputation to lose. In the old days, ie before television when you saw your mediator, there were 2 main ways to ensure that the quality of journalism was forever openly curious. 1 mae all writing collegiate not signed off by a singular person with reputation to make or break. Roatte journalists so they wre on subjects they did not tooo much about but were given a licece to explore.

2 Use an optimistic -joking but serious tome - the bigger the conseqeunces of the story you were covering

3 Know that every chnage in media involves a huge period of crisis - when a newish media falls into the wrong hands as rado did you get Hitelr propagating its waves pied pipering a place or nation into cults that spiral the exact opposite way from the dna codes (such as thiu shalt not kill) that have kept humanity evolving. Back in 1973 my dad and I knew that the story of our generation would be the crisis of the interent- a medi chnage bigger and more immediate than even the invention of the printing press- one that would within one geration designed whatever global systemisation becomes. And pattern rule 1 of all human relations systems is they spin one of 2 direcatly opposite flow comsequences - very good news for all or very bad news for all.

Onto post 2 where the word entrepreneur has been scared to scottinh journalists since 1800 when it was coined in france and actually back to 1700 when the main event in the future hostoru of Scotland occurred, one that caused people like adam smit to map what is still today the core molecule frames known as economics.

By chris macrae (22), Sat, 21 Jun 2008 03:47:50 PDT
Edited: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 05:00:41 PDT
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2 the word entrepreneur - 1800 french "between take" - having taken back assets from royalty who were monopolising means to productivity, will me map a freer place for all people to sustain productive lives?

scotland's curious little history:

up to about 1700, scotland was an independent nation - it did community-centric things like investing more per head in child education than anywhere (in europe at that time); but it didnt have transparent banking all the way up to the level of nation- and suddenly half of its money was lost in one bubble/crash abroad. It was no longer independently sustainable and became subject to a hostile take over by the English. As often branding (in this case the so called creation of united kingdom) images over reality

Actual/Truth consequences to which history (poeple lifetimes) bears witness: scots like adam smith became fascinated in mapping "economics" of what trust maps sustain communities freedoms - JB Say , a french (ie another nation not exactly enamored by English Empiredom) alumni of Adam Smith, coined the word entrepreneur to progress even more deeply the productivity study of the markets relation systems of produvities and demands (egalite, liberte and fraternite to be). It may or may not be why the French are now the most superb worldwide allies of the entrepreneurial revolution -all 3 of grameen's first multinational social businesses enjoying french partners - Danone in nutrtional milk foods, Veolia in water, Credit Agrocle in MFI - being that sustainability investment out of bangladesh village communities has achieved (through 100000 community service workers passion and transparency for development and the over 25million female microentrepreurs thay have helped launch -news te world rejoices in biannually with the number 1 network for h=umanity brilaintly flkowed together by American Dalley-Harris) these last 30 years m - but thank the stars and banner for clintons and gates 92 peoples i dont agree with much on) but who early saw that the bangladeshi way is the deepest sustainability investment model ever mapped, and fitting of microchampions of system innovation truth including Gandhi and Einstein

And as for the scots under English rules. My 3 times great grandad was a commnhuity organiser. In our part of scotland, english accountants were being sent up to the lairds who owned the land - with the rule sheep have quarterly higher R of I than people. In my grandad's case this conflict was resolved by negotiating compensation -ocean passage afares - so that scots emigrate. Alreday by 1850, there were more Scots worldwide than living in Scotland

One Scot james wilson did an entrepreneurial thing- he went down to london both became an MP and started a weekly newspaper. Within a decade he got rid of about 90% of his felow congress who were in the pary of the Corn Lords- the paper that heped him do this was the economist. The idea that the paper severly debated trasparently was entreprenmeurship

Other Scots (including family membetrs) became missinaries. Interestingly the Scottish religious missionary didnt have any rules about god as long as you lanted health in te community - or at least that's how one of my granmduncles lived his missins in Nigeria. In other words the scittish free church was a model for raising finacial sustanbility to go and plant communal helath somewhere else -and emerged from the same origin as that being more fun (life worth living) than being told that you were worth less than sheep.

Like any non-democratic wotld, the extremes of left and right represent the sustainable intrests of nobody though for at least 130 years the word entreprenmeur stayed out of such olutics. But n the last 30 years its 2 most ardent definitions bear no systemic resembalce to its origin

the entrepreneur is not a man who makes billions of dollars for himsel; the entrepreneur is not a saint who cannot design a system sthat sustains its finacial flows. It is usually a small grpup of founders who come together to map how to gereante enough income to be finacially sustainable 9ie free in adma smith sense of not at risk of bankruptcy of hostile takeover) but who invest back teh surplus in a true purpose whsoe compound truth advances the human lot over time

there was no grand plan in how my dad nds.html became the economics journalist that whose 2000 editorials sustained The economist from 1950's barely sustainable 4th placed weekly english paper to one of a kind global newspaper; he was of the age that had to go to war as a teenager before university; he wanted to study a subject that seevral years of missed continuity in schooling would not prejudice- so he chose economis, a subject british schools of the 1940s did nit teach; and started learning it from an Indian coorespodence course whlste wiating to navigate RAF lanes out of Bangladeshi airports; when he did go up to Cambridge this experience stood him in doubly good stead to be the last generation of undergaruate to be lectired by keynes ; and to know enough of context to be able to value what was brilaint about when yo use keynes and conversely to know when hios elegant theory had noting to say about deep micro community econmics, of the sort that ending famkine very locally requires reinvention of banking

By Linda Nowakowski (230), Sat, 21 Jun 2008 03:58:40 PDT
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Truly one of the most open space threads on <Ned>

By chris macrae (22), Sat, 21 Jun 2008 05:34:03 PDT
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Glad you like it Linda - you encourage me to go somewhere i wouldnt otherwise have done so early


infation is a bad thing - right from what I rad tha's economics 101

but why is it economics has not analysed inflation of mkedia - let'[s take a trivial pursuit example

in my life, there were only 3 years (when I was 9 to 12) that I got a wekly hour or two alone with my dad; the excuse was to watch football (ie the occer variant that's played in the UK)

By sme accident our london team fulham had the Uk's or the world's best player- I remember Johhny Haynes well because he made the newspaper headlines for being the first layer to make 100 pounds or 200 dollars per week out of football; top player (football that is) earns about 5000 times more

I have absolutely no doubt that Johnny ws underpaid but I do wonder:

within under ne generation adults in both UK and USA pay somewhere between 10 and 5000 times more attention to sports than hman affairs around the world

freedom of speech - the assumption on which competition is a positve value - certainly doesmnt logically exist when a life saving idea is requitred by the media to spemd the samke trillin dolars on advertising to get worldwide wawarenes as launcjing a new flavor of soda

the global ngo, let alone the one whose media gets sposnored by government must map how these costs impact its community aid programs if indeed any such ngo should entreperenurially exist

but this doesnt mean that saints works should suddenly be called entreprenurial or even social; its only bot in the truest sense when its sustains development (ie empowers what becoems income generating activity within the community sustaining te people in taht community out of poverty)

It is very typical american english -especially to this scot- that having first perverted the word entrepreneur the adjective social had to be added, and then with that still perverting the sustanable investment models in communities the phrase social bsuienss entrepreneur now needs to be used to get back to where the locus of hi-trust entrepreneuruial studies and economics compound whole truth was in teh 1780s

but domnt let's winge- lets journalistically accept that every sustainabiloity crash being caused by global is compounded by too little community entrepreneurail economics -if we do that th e good news of the maths error that has come close to making globalsiation irreversibly unsustainable can be turned round everywhere at the smae simply by unfolding the hi-trust maths maps

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