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We are a Grassroot Organization called TWEKEMBE ASSOCIATION CENTRE FOR RURAL SYSTEMS AND DEVELOPMENT (T.A-CRUSADE - UGANDA ), operating in the Communities, Incorporated under the Laws of The Republic of Uganda as a Not for Profit Company, Limited by Guarantee, working amongst the Most Vulnerable Persons in Mukono District, Uganda . T.A-CRUSADE- UGANDA empowers Communities to change difficult Situations into Opportunities that Improve their own Living Standards and Welfare to become Responsible Citizens and break away from the Pangs of Poverty.

Each year, thousands of Ugandan Poor Youth and Children drop out of Schools and fail to get the basic gainful employment, while most of these are Teen mothers, Orphans, Victims of split families, Widows, Pregnant teenagers , from rural and peri-urban areas, HIV Victims. In the course of helping these victims of circumstances, we started a personal initiative in form of an Employment Agency in the Heart of Mukono Town called Twekembe Employment Centre which gives them some bit of Counseling, Meals, Temporary accommodation, Health Care and a Brief Job Mentoring, then give them out to people who employ them in petty jobs like House maids, bar maids and others paying less than one US dollar a day. Over 7,000 People have got jobs through our Employment Agency in the last 6 years though most of them are petty jobs given the level of Skills of the beneficiaries.

Over a Period of time T.A-CRUSADE– UGANDA has become Conversant with Uganda’s Labour Laws and Regulations. Since T.A-CRUSADE – UGANDA carries out Parallel Monitoring of Workers recruited and Employed through its Job placement Bureau where ever they are taken, it has been witnessed that many have been manhandled, tortured, raped, overworked and some cheated of their wages. And many have desperately fled their work places to join peer groups engaged in deadly activities like thuggery, robberies, prostitution, drug abuse and others all in name of searching for survival. Consequently many have been sexually abused, resulting into unwanted pregnancies, contracting deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS. After rejection by Parents, Partners and Society at large many of these victims of circumstances return to our centre for assistance and moral support. In so doing, we realized that wasn’t a permanent solution. We are seriously overwhelmed by the needs around us given the fact that up to 300 new people report to us in one month for assistance and allocation to pet jobs.

As a way of Assisting and Re-Integrating these Vulnerable Persons into Society, T.A- CRUSADE - UGANDA has initiated a Community Vocational Training Project in Nakiwate Village, Nabaale Sub County, Mukono District to Train and Empower them with Vocational Skills in Hair dressing, Tailoring, Carpentry, Computer Applications, Masonry and Brick laying, Craft making among others, with all these Courses blended with an Entrepreneurship Component which will in turn improve on their income generating potential as we strive to improve on their Livelihood Prospects.

Principally we are requesting for $4500 to purchase Roofing Materials, Doors and Windows for a 5 Class roomed Block we have constructed up to Wall plate level using Local Resources for Training Purposes as we wait for a Confirmed Bulky Vocational Training Equipment Donation from Europe for the same Project (Part of this has already arrived i.e. 28 Electric Sewing Machines).

Any contribution towards this intent, whether technical, financial or material would be greatly appreciated .I hope you would like to have a look at our Project Write-up and Construction plan.

Looking forward to hearing from you again Kind regards, LUTAAYA RONALD EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR T.A-CRUSADE - UGANDA P.O BOX 2339, KAMPALA, UGANDA EMAIL: WEBSITE: TELEPHONES: +256 752 487 288 / +256 772 487 288

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