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What is the "my ned.com" page?

The "my ned.com" page helps you keep track of how you and people you care about are participating on ned.com.

Below are descriptions of the four tabs you'll see in the what's new section and what they do.

My Groups

This is the default page for the "my ned.com" tab. It shows you groups you are a member of, with the seven most recently updated groups on top.

On the "my ned.com" page, you'll also see these tabs:

My Discussions

Displays the fifty (50) most recent discussions you've participated in across all groups and personal news.

My Watch list

On this full "my watch list" page you can use check boxes to select multiple items to remove in one step. This page also shows the group where each item resides and the amount of time since it was last updated.

My Tags

Shows all the tags you have used on the site. Tags that you have applied to more items will appear larger, while tags applied to fewer items will appear smaller. Clicking on the tag will give you a list of all items you have bookmarked with that tag.

Top Activity

Recent activity by the top 25 people to whom you've given at least X (you define this) number of positive feedback points to. Includes discussion items, comments, and personal news items.

My Feedback

People to whom you've given feedback, organized in two lists: positive and negative.