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Items tagged with @groupio

discussion item Comment (2) on Defining "Collaboration" in the Social Change sector (0) in Internet4Change
Thanks for starting this discussion! I am really excited to have stumbled upon it. Before I get started let me say that I have spent the better part of the last year thinking specifically about how to encourage collaborative action for social chang...
Updated 5 years ago, Tagged by: Muhammad At-Tauhidi, Christina Jordan

workspace page #i4c (0) in Internet4Change
Updated 5 years ago, Tagged by: Christina Jordan

Narrow your results: @christinasworld @conches @cowashington @eekim @faboolous #i4c i4c @insearchofsanuk @mattnathan @muhammadatt @nurturegirl @presleysylwia @protoslacker @rosalindchu @socentafrica @socialedge @tutormentorteam twitterbridge
See everything tagged with: #i4c, @christinasworld, @conches, @cowashington, @eekim, @faboolous, @insearchofsanuk, @mattnathan, @muhammadatt, @nurturegirl, @presleysylwia, @protoslacker, @rosalindchu, @socentafrica, @socialedge, @tutormentorteam, i4c, twitterbridge
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