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The Worldwide Connection Project

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The Worldwide Connection Project

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The Worldwide Connection Project will pair geographical areas of a standard population size so that every part of every poorer country will be given a partner area from one of the world's richer countries.

Or vice versa if you prefer - every cluster of communities from a developed country will be allocated (at random) a cluster of communities from a developing country.

Each partnership (or "mutuality" in WWC-speak) will involve a total population of about one million people and both sides of the mutuality will be given a duty of care-and-share towards the members of other partner area.

The details of how this might work in each partnership will be down to the members of the mutuality themselves. The project's aim will be to publicise the process and offer a framework of encouragement and support.


Our mission is to Make Poverty History, but bottom-up: we will

  • use the internet to link up rich and poor communities across the world via a Worldwide Connectory.
  • provide almost half the world's population with new virtual neighbours every five years.
  • create grassroots outreach on a global scale.

We believe that by sharing out the world, we can bring it much closer together.

This is a group where it's hoped that all aspects of the Worldwide Connection Project will be discussed and developed in the discussion threads and full listings of the latest apportionment of partner areas can be found in the workspaces. With the closure of the community. different aspects of the project will be developed at new sites, and, for the present, the plan is for to serve as a central base for coordinating activities at the various other web locations where it is intended WWC threads and groups will be established.

To explore the WWC further, try browsing the workspace here

Everyone is very welcome to join this group and find ways, hopefully, on becoming actively involved in the developing plans for a full launch of the project, hopefully in 2008/9.

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