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Susan Dreiske (0)


Susan Dreiske (0)

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My bio for environmental speeches:

Susan Dreiske has been recognized as a leader and expert in medical center environmental program management including her baseline work, reporting metrics, auditing, as well as innovative program design, delivery and management. She has worked in Program and Project Management since 1990.

Susan won a personal environmental award (the Stephanie Davis Award) for her baseline and metrics work at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (2003). Her design, delivery and tracking of environmental programs have won H2E’s Environmental Leadership Award and other awards for Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (2003, 2004, and 2005). Susan’s programs have received monetary grants and paid for themselves through medical waste, solid waste and recycling savings.

Her medical center programs have also been recognized by the State of California’s Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) through best practices videotaping. Examples of her work at Peralta Community Colleges became the benchmark and standard at the CIWMB in how to report environmental metrics in mandatory AB75 reporting (Dorothy Woody, CIWMB, 2003).

Susan is a Consultant in Environmental Stewardship Program Design, Delivery and Management. She researches, writes and speaks on environmental topics.

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