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Janet Feldman (9)


Janet Feldman (9)

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Janet Feldman is founder/director of two HIV/AIDS-related nonprofits, one the international branch of a Kenyan HIV/AIDS and development organization, KAIPPG (, and the other an international arts coalition and nonprofit called ActALIVE (, whose 300 members in 30 countries use the arts and media to address HIV/AIDS and the MDGs.

Janet is:

-Editor and creator of the Rising Voices e-publication, "Blogging Positively", a guide to the use of blogging and citizen-media tools to address HIV/AIDS (http://rising.globalvoicesonline .org/guides).

-An assistant editor of the arts and development e-journal, art'ishake (

-Adult Ally and Adviser to the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (http://www.youthaidscoalition.or g).

-Board member of JUMP (, REPACTED (, and Voluntary Youth Philanthropists (

-News director for One World Beat (

-Moderator of the Holistic Helping forum (, operating under the auspices of the Minciu Sodas Laboratory for Independent Thinkers (

-Co-creator of development projects which focus on arts and media, ICTs/ODL, nutrition and food security, empowerment of women and youth, health and education, and poverty-alleviation.

She has a background in arts, history, and international relations, with special focus on international conflict-resolution; is a trained mediator; collage artist; and a social-change activist.

KAIPPG is an HIV/AIDS and development nonprofit in Kenya, with an international branch in the USA. KAIPPG addresses a full range of HIV/AIDS-related issues and challenges--from the education of orphans to job training for widows, and nutrition for PLWHAS to use of the arts for HIV/AIDS education and prevention--and in addition focuses on poverty alleviation, nutrition and food security, human rights and the special challenges of women and youth, education and healthcare, and environmental sustainability. Information and communication technologies are now an integral part of our work.

ActALIVE is an international nonprofit and coalition whose 300 members in 30 countries use the arts and media to address HIV/AIDS and development. Members include development nonprofits, artists and educators, social-change advocates, youth, women, members of the media. Activities include JUMP, One World Beat, Global Peace Tiles Project (, African Youth HIV/AIDS Best Practices Handbook (, and more.

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